UV Sanitizing Wand

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Sanitize your surfaces by killing germs and breaking down viruses without the strong smell of lysol or microban. This product is safe for fabric and surfaces. The strong magnet holds the wand in place for the duration of the disinfection.



*The principle of ultraviolet irradiation and sterilization is to use high energy UVC ultraviolet light. It breaks the DNA and RNA double helix strands to kill bacteria and viruses.

*This product is powered by USB interface. Usb mobile phone charger with USB plug allows easy charging

*When using lamps and lanterns, keep the disinfection area without pets and children. This is not a toy.

*Irradiation time more than 150s is appropriate, to effectively kill viruses and bacteria.

*When using as close as possible door window, turn off lamplight, assure ultraviolet ray to kill bacterium action.

*The product positioning for light and safe, low power consumption energy-saving products are mainly used in. Everyday items can benefit from sterilization, such as: carpet, masks, Toothbrushes, mobile phones, bottles and so on.

*When using, pay attention not to direct or long eyes,do not illuminate the skin, avoid staring directly into ultraviolet light.